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Connor Sport Court's professional engineers are known in the industry for designing and developing new products that set the standard for innovative solutions in sports flooring. And, in addition to our hardwood and modular tile, Connor Sport Court also provides a complete line of other synthetic sports surfaces, including rolled rubber and sheet goods, PVC sheet products and poured urethane.


TARAFEX Sports flooring” is the world No. 1 indoor Synthetic Sports Floor and leader in permanent multipurpose indoor sports flooring.

This flooring is used daily in over 50,000 sports facilities worldwide. Gerflor is associated with Olympics for the last 33 years as ‘Gerflor’ is the flooring which is installed in all these Olympics and has the approval from all the World these Olympics and has the approval from all the World Federations for their respective sports.

“Taraflex” synthetic sports floors are designed to combine shock absorption and other safety features without compromising performance. The pure vinyl wear layer protects the flooring’s color and design. Protective coatings resist Scratches and stains, reduce the risk of friction burns and ensure easy maintenance.


A gymnasium flooring should be as strong as its patrons wish to become. It should protect a gym floor from any potential damage that might occur due to dropped weights. Tuffloor has many properties that can help make a good gym.

- Being easy on calves and ankles, Tuffloor surface is perfect to exercise on.

- With its excellent load bearing capacity, the flooring lasts long.

- Tuffloor absorbs noise and hence reduces clanking sounds of equipment and weights at the gym.

- Individual tiles can be easily replaced for specific heavy wear and tear areas, instead of changing the entire surface.

Indoor Sports

Outdoor Sports


Herculan Sports Surfaces B.V. is a Dutch company having over 32 years of experience in manufacturing synthetic flooring systems and representation in 78 countries.

HERCULAN polyurethane systems are seamless sports floors that are used worldwide to cater for most sporting activities. Herculan decorative epoxy systems provide seamless hygienic floor surfaces in public buildings and industry.

Herculan MF Multi-Functional

The seamless surface of the Herculan MF system is non-porous, therefore, hygienic, and easy to clean. Herculan MF systems provide the optimum slide and slip resistance. The high tensile strength and elasticity of the Herculan EX 800 wear layer,enables the sports floor to be used for exhibitions, concerts and speech-days. Herculan surfaces are seamless from wall-to-wall, impermeable to water, rot proof, chemical resistant, fully closed, easy-toclean,hygienic, fire resistant, shock absorbent and point elastic extremely wear resistant. Moreover, they offer freedom of design, colour, and shape.

Herculan MF OD

Internationally certified outdoor synthetic cushioned multi-sport flooring. The product build up consists of 8 mm rubber base and 2 mm PU top to give required cushioning, anti-slip properties, antiabrasion, long durability and consistent performance.

Tennis Court

This top sand filled PU surface ensures right ball speed and ball bounce, which is essential for the game of tennis. This product is also suitable for outdoor multi-sports activity such as outdoor basketball and volleyball.

The multi-functional outdoor systems of Herculan meet the European EN 14877 standards for athletics tracks and outdoor sports floors, as well as the Ecospecifier requirements. Depending on the requirements, the applications and budget, various Herculan systems are possible.

Top-level Athletics require a top-level athletics track. Therefore, all Herculan athletics tracks meet the strict requirements of the IAAF (International Association of Athletic Federations). Depending on the wishes, the requirements and the budget, a variety of athletics tracks is possible.

More and more fitness centres choose for a sports floor to be installed. The reasons are evident: these floors are seamless, liquid tight, durable, wear-resistant and easy to clean. Herculan has taken account of the various types of training, such as weightlifting, cardio, aerobics and yoga. The development of the Herculan sports floor is tailored to this.


Universal Sports and Transpower, has earned a trusted name in Bangalore as a reputed supplier & service provider of Sports Infrastructure, Indoor-outdoor Sports flooring, Children's play equipment and flooring, fitness and accessories.

Hard Plaster system a 9 mm thick Base, Coat and a 3 mm thick Finish Coat, fiber is a glass‐fiber reinforced cement composite, developed specifically to withstand the constant impact of squash balls and rackets. brings together the high tensile strength of glass‐fiber and the high compressive strength of a cement matrix. Its most crucial ingredient, E‐‐glass fiber strands, form and interface with the propagation. The fiber‐matrix bonding provides a monolithic layer of tough and flexible material capable of withstanding:

System Description: ‐ The Surface Board: Kiln Seasoned imported American Maple / Oak wood Surface board finished with 20mm thick, 57mm width and in random length in tongue and groove shape. The edges of the boards will have a finger lock grove and the bottom side with air pass groove and applied with polyurethane lacquer. The Under Frame made of commercial quality Fir/Spruce/Pine wood runners of 75mmX 50mm treated with anti‐termite solution and fixed on the bottom side with 11mm thick air‐cushioning pads by staple through the two wings at 300 clc.

The Freestanding Glass Back Wall consists of two glass panels of 2.13 m x 2.75 m and a door which is 90 cm wide.




PlaySafe Premium offers a solution mix of organic and inorganic dyes that speaks colours. The product offers a chance for architects and designers to mix and match the colour of the playground with the main theme. Based on EPDM technology, this flooring comes with fresh and permanent colours that do not fade away with either time or use.

EPDM or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is an organic synthetic elastomer which has many properties quivalent to or better than those of natural virgin rubber, after curing. During the production of the elastomer, several additives are used to enhance colours and their stability. This assures that the colours are durable, flexible and can also stand the test of weather and time

Playsafe SBR: SBR or Styrene-Butadiene Rubber is a widely used synthetic rubber, also used to manufacture tyres. The SBR used in the production of Ecoflex rubber flooring is recycled black scrap tyre. The scrap is cleaned to remove fibre, metal and other impurities

In addition to absorbing the impact of falls and reducing accidents, Playsafe is also healthier as it is more hygienic. Lack of contact with dust, sand and mud eliminates incidence of allergies. It does not absorb water, and hence ensures that there is no mess or sogginess during the monsoons, making Playsafe an all-season floor.

While running and falling cannot be contained, intensity of injury can be reduced by installing a safer floor. Playsafe offers excellent impact absorption properties, which cushion the probability of unpleasant injuries. This makes it an excellent surface for flooring in parks, schools and children’s play areas.

The flooring comes in three colours—green, black, and terracotta. The solution is mostly used by public gardens and parks

Runathon EPDM: With vivid and lively colours, Runathon EPDM is designed to appeal to aesthetics, while providing for heavy usage. Jogging exerts high usage pressure on surfaces resulting in a high wear and tear of the flooring. Ecoflex Runathon EPDM has been designed to meet these requirements. With its great shock absorption properties, it helps reduce fatigue usually associated with running and also protects the runners from injury. Runathon EPDM is easy-to-clean and maintain,lasts long, has a wide variety of bright and fresh colour schemes.

Runathon SBR: Ecoflex Runathon SBR jogging tracks help reap all the benefits of jogging sans the risks runner face due to unsafe surfaces. It offers a high level of shock absorption, and therefore protects joggers from getting hurt.

Ecoflex Runathon SBR is safe, durable, and easy to maintain and is the perfect product for the budgetconscious customer who wants no compromise on quality and safety. Ideal for jogging tracks at public parks, grounds, and municipal gardens.


Three types of Sports Floorings

Point-elastic Sports Floor : A soft coating, often a mat over a hard surface, for example concrete. Recommended for smaller sports halls, nursery schools and activity areas.

Area-elastic Sports Floor : A hard coating, for example wood installed on top of a flexible sleeper construction (underfloor). Recommended for sports halls with a focus on basketball when you want the best possible ball rebound you can get.

Combined-elastic sports floor : In this case the floor has a flexible sub construction in combination with a point elastic coating, for example Taraflex sports mat. Recommended for all types of gymnastics as well as sports halls adapted for any other exercise.

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